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Mission Statement


"Commitment to children their care and life long learning in the Early years."


Round and Round the Gardens believes that all children are individuals.


We strive to provide a welcoming, happy, calm and caring environment where children are able to play and learn at their own pace, whilst making discoveries and choices for themselves along the way and through their own interests.


In doing this, it is our aim to provide a nurturing environment that facilitates children's learning and development enabling them to grow in confidence, self esteem and develop their own personality and spirituality within a framework of appropriate expectation and continuity.


The environment at Round and Round the Gardens will be open and welcoming; with a home from home feeling which includes everyone.  It will be rich in opportunities and reflect the world today as well as being appropriately stimulating and safe, with a degree of risk-taking involved, so as to encourage fun and experimentation with a wide range of materials inside and outdoors.


We understand that parents are children's primary carers and acknowledge that only by working in partnership with parents throughout the setting can we fully understand the need of each individual child.


We view communication with the children, their families and staff throughout the setting as a vital tool and will aid the process of communication in any way necessary for the needs of the children in our care.


Staff are experienced and will be excellent role models for the children in our care.  They will seek to develop their personal skills and knowledge so that they are always best placed to identify the needs of the individual child and their families.


As a provision our standards will always be high and practice always reflected upon.  Our 'door will be open' to all.




Our Provision - Your Child

Our ethos and way of learning provides a range of experiences that stimulates a child's love of learning and natural discovery.  With the right approach, children learn willingly and develop naturally.


It is hugely beneficial for children to have the opportunity to experience many different things, which is why they have exposure to different teaching methods and learning experiences.


Round and Round the Gardens offers your child a holistic journey through 'traditional' nursery teaching, along with elements of the Montessori Approach, Heuristic Play and much more!


For most children, coming to Round and Round the Gardens is the first experience of 'life away from home'  Therefore, it is important that children are allowed to develop socially, emotionally, physically and creatively, as well as 'academically'.


We have an 'open door' policy; offer three parents' evenings; hold evening talks, sports' days, farm visit, picnics and Christmas concerts.  These are just some of the 'set' things we offer, however there are spontaneous opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved, come and read stories, or share your skills with us within the provision.


All of our policies and procedures, together with our operational planning and day to day planning can be found in the entrance area of the provision.  You are more than welcome to look at these any time you wish, or request a photocopy.

Picture gallery: a typical day

Learning Environment Inside

At Round and Round the Gardens there are three units across three rooms.  'BUMBLEBEES' is home to children aged between 12 months to 2 years. 'LADYBIRDS' 2-3 years; whilst 'DRAGONFLIES' provides a spacious and bright learning environment for children aged 3 years plus.  All children benefit from being able to use the whole provision, with each room offering something special for the children.  Each room is also able to ensure children move from room to room at an appropriate developmental time for them.  Each room has the opportunity to extend 6 months past the child's birthday, ensuring they move up when they are confident in higher ratio's and group sizes.


As we use the Early Years Foundation Stage, we realise the importance of children learning through play and making sense of their play and learning environment both inside and out.  Therefore, it is important that we enable children to maximise their learning opportunities whilst enjoying the provision as a whole.


Learning Environment Outside

We are fortunate to have much space outside for your child to explore throughout their sessions with us.


We have beautiful gardens and grounds, with both grass and play ground areas offering opportunities to run, roll, pedal, rock, climb, balance, mark-make, scoot, chase, play games and much, much, much more.  We also have large climbing apparatus, areas for planting and weeding and places to make tents and camp.  We also have parent planting afternoons for all of you who are green fingered. 


Everything that happens indoors can happen outdoors too.  Children learn and develop differently outdoors, and so it is important to give children opportunities to explore 'inside things' in different ways and on a different scale. 


We believe that the children love the outdoor enviroment and as such allow the children to take part in caring for the outside space by involving them in planting, caring for the plants, and choosing what to plant.  This is all carried out during our 'Gardening Lessons' by our very talented and knowledgeable Gardening Teacher; Sarah Patrick.  These lessons occur once or twice per week and incorporate all of the children on a rotation basis.  We would like all of the children in our care to experience a love of the outside and make the environment extra special.


If you come to visit, you will of course have an opportunity to view the provision in full.