OFSTED Inspection Report April 2018



The exceptionally knowledgable and experienced management team shares a clear vision for high-quality childcare. The team drives ongoing improvement with great determination and enthusiasm.


Management give a high priority to extending staff's already exceptional knowledge. Staff make excellent use of opportunities to support children's communication and language development and mathematics through an abundance of creative activities. Staff are exploring even further ways to support children's move to school.


Staff are extremely caring and supportive of children's emotional and physical needs within a warm, welcoming and nurturing learning environment.


Staff use spontaneous opportunities to support and guide children in their play.  Staff play alongside children and model high levels of play or language. Staff give excellent attention to supporting children's creative and imaginative skills.


Behaviour throughout the nursery is impeccable.


All children become highly independent in their play and develop keen attitudes to learning.  Babies explore a multitude of sensory activities. Children develop exceptional skills for their future learning and their eventual move on to school.


Support for children who have individual special needs is exceptional. 

Children's unique backgrounds and abilities are celebrated. 


Outdoor play is an exceptional feature of the nursery and provide children with interesting and challenging activities.  


Parents are exceptionally happy with the care their children receive and the excellent opportunities to be involved in their children's learning in the nursery and at home.



OFSTED Inspection Report November 2015



Staff provide a broad range of stimulating and interesting activities that motivate children to learn. They carry out accurate assessments and plan to close any gaps in learning. All children, including those with English as an additional language and those with additional needs, make good progress from their starting points. 


Partnerships with parents are very strong. The regular two-way flow of information provides continuity for children and involves parents in their children's learning effectively.


Good transition processes between rooms in the setting and with teachers in schools provide children with consistency for the next stage in their learning. 



Staff establish close partnership working with parents to ensure that all children's care and learning needs are met. Babies and young children settle quickly. 


 Children develop good early reading and mathematical skills, which prepare them well for school.


Children enjoy healthy snacks and meals. They have regular opportunities to play outside where they have fresh air and exercise in the many different and well-planned spaces. Children gain a good understanding of living healthy lifestyles.


Children play cooperatively and behave well.


They learn to respect one another and take part in agreeing the rules so that they learn what is expected of them.


Self-evaluation is effective. The management team regularly considers the strengths and what areas to improve. It gains the views of parents and children to help maintain good standards and positive outcomes for children.



OFSTED Inspection Report December 2011

RRG Ofsted Report December 2011.pdf
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'Parents are extremely impressed with the nursery. They comment on ‘the energy, passion and commitment’ and note that ‘staff are fantastic, patient, kind and creative’. Many highly effective measures are implemented to ensure parents are fully informed, both about the nursery provision and children’s progress. The nursery also successfully encourages parents to become involved in nursery life. They are invited to join in with special events and to share their knowledge, skills and interests.'



'Outdoor play is an integral part of the nursery day and older children explain the need to put on a coat because it is cold outside.'


'Practitioners establish excellent relationships with children, treating everyone with warmth and affection.'



'….children display an extremely strong sense of security and belonging with high levels of confidence and self-esteem.'



'Older children display excellent awareness of the expectations for behaviour to keep themselves and others safe.'



'Practitioners effectively support younger children’s developing understanding through intervention and explanation.'



'Strong leadership and management underpin all aspects of the nursery provision. The registered owners and practitioners clearly value one another, resulting in a cohesive team that works well together.'


'There is a vibrant atmosphere, which is characterised by happy, well-occupied children who smile and laugh and clearly enjoy their play and learning.'