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Bumblebees' Classroom

Daily Routine

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Bumblebees have enjoyed exploring their new beach themed role play area as the children have thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather outdoors, water and sand play.  They have been busy decorating the summerhouse as a beach hut!

Bumblebees have a couple of new friends who have started recently and they are learning how to be kind to one another as well as showing them how much fun we have!

Currently they are looking at creative and cooking experiences. Through these activities there is lots of focus on healthy eating, sharing and taking turns—they have produced some delicious treats. They also have lots of fun summer activities in store to!




Ladybirds' Classroom

Daily Routine

Ladybirds Routine
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Ladybirds have enjoyed exploring their five senses through new experiences such as making coloured glass and engaging in sensory explorations with their bodies.  The children have been engrossed in discovering new things and have been inquisitive into finding out things for themselves.  This has bought about lots of new language, conversations and the children asking lots of questions about what they can see/taste/hear/feel/smell.

They have really enjoyed the baby role play area and have been using lots of different resources which they may not have      experienced before.  In addition to this some of the children’s mummies “have a baby in their tummies” or have recently given birth.  Ladybirds have been learning how to be gentle and caring towards the babies.















Dragonflies' Classroom

Daily Routine

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Similar to Ladybirds, Dragonflies have enjoyed exploring  their five senses particularly through touch and taste.  Outside they have had tray stations filled with different textures which they have chosen to feel with either their hands or feet.  They have been tasting some very adventurous foods for snack time and have been describing what it tastes or feels like in their mouth. Dragonflies have been looking at different types of role play which they are going to continue.  In particular the children have enjoyed the Pirate Role Play set and are intrigued by the treasure.  This has sparked lots of imaginative play and conversation between one another - who will be what character and creating their own stories.  Dragonflies are really looking forward to their graduation!